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Product Care & SizingUpdated a year ago

How do I know what size to purchase for my dog?

Our harness designs are made to fit dogs ranging from 4-120lbs. Please refer to our Sizing Guide for more information. With each harness, we offer two options to determine what size harness best suites your dog. Our size guide provides actual measurements for the products, as well as the the weight range that can fit the harness. If you are between sizes, we highly recommend sizing up. The measurement sizing details will be the most accurate way to determine if a size harness will fit your dog. 

How do I wash my harness?

All of our products are to be hand washed with cold water and gentle soap. 

If you do wish to machine wash them, ensure that you do so on the delicate cycle. We still do highly recommend cold water and gentle soap. There is a potential risk for hardware scratches or damage when machine washing - so this isn't our recommended washing method. With either method you choose, please air dry and do not place the items in the dryer.

If the item is PU leather material we do not recommend a wash as it may ruin the product. We would recommend using a non-toxic, pH-balanced leather treatment to clean your dog’s leather items or using a soft sponge to get dirt and stains off. Air dry once wiped off.

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